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Teachers may also opt to offer a continuum of choices, ranging from “Strongly Agree” on one side of the room, all the way to “Strongly Disagree” on the other, and have students place themselves along that continuum based on the strength of their convictions.Basic Structure: Students are divided into 4 groups.On seminar day, students sit in a circle and an introductory, open-ended question is posed by the teacher or student discussion leader.From there, students continue the conversation, prompting one another to support their claims with textual evidence.For larger classes, teachers may need to set up seminars in more of a fishbowl-like arrangement, dividing students into one inner circle that will participate in the discussion, and one outer circle that silently observes, takes notes, and may eventually trade places with those in the inner circle, sometimes all at once, and sometimes by “tapping in” as the urge strikes them.

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The problem wasn’t them; in most of the classrooms where they’d sat as students, that’s exactly what a class discussion looked like.There is no particular order to how students speak, but they are encouraged to respectfully share the floor with others.