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Jason Bateman - Celebrities attend Premiere Of Walt Disney Pictures And Lucasfilm's "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" at the Dolby Theatre, TCL Chinese Theatre and El Capitan Theatre.

The show was hugely critically acclaimed in 2006, but with a bad run of ratings, Fox cancelled it.

A constant pressure to bring it back from fans saw the cast reveal in 2011 that they would indeed be filming more episodes. Netflix Confirm Arrested Development Premiere That’s it folks, the wait is over.

As such, the cast and crew have been hard at work whipping up even more publicity in the shape of interviews, banana stands and as many in-jokes and double entendres you can throw in a pot and make into a stew being thrown around the web.

The Bluth's famous banana stands have got to be one of the best marketing ploys by a film or TV show to date, and if the new season gains enough momentum then hopefully they will become a regularly marketed item (please God! Recently at the Columbus Circle banana handout in New York, show producer and narrator Ron Howard and everybody's favourite beefcake Terry Crews - who will be appearing in the new series - the mixing of stars and the public typified just what makes the show so good.

The show’s producers have slowly been drip-feeding tiny bits of advance information through to avid fans of the show, including single-character advertising posters and a brief clip of Buster and Lucille doing what they do best (Lucille taking advantage of her youngest son, basically…)Whilst the actual plot hasn’t really been given away, what we do know is that each of the 15 episodes is going to feature a different character and all 15 will be available to stream in their entirety, all on the same day.

Prepare for an Arrested Development marathon, folks…

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Starring Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Will Arnett, Portia De Rossi and David Cross among others, all of the main stars will be returning as well as cameo stars like Ben Stiller.

Originally only ten episodes were ordered, though that was later upped to 15, with a focus on different members of the Bluth family and their associations (some characters will get more than one episode dedicated to them).

A recent feature from Entertainment Weekly suggests that it will be rare to see all nine of the central characters together at the same time, though there is one scene in Lucille’s penthouse, which was recreated specifically for the new season.

And at nearly two hours, the film feels far too long even though the pace is frenetic.

The various set pieces simply don't fit in with the basic premise, leaving the plot in tatters.

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