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From 9 March 2004 until Fursenko was Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.He has a salary of 3,000 a year as a presidential aid.Russian railways won the largest contract for the Sochi games and then he hired Mostotrest, a Rotenberg company, for some of the work.Summary: The current Russian regime is not static in terms of ideology.At a time of economic stagnation, the Russian state is in need of social consensus and popular support behind the figure of President Vladimir Putin.After feeding an anti-Western atmosphere during the first year of the Ukraine crisis, the regime deliberately decreased its nationalist rhetoric, sidelined some of the nationalist actors who had become too prominent and not reliable enough, retired some of Putin’s old friends, and brought some more liberal figures back to the political game.It was able to activate intense nationalist sentiment during the Ukraine crisis and calm it down later, without undermining Putin’s personal legitimacy and popular support.

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In spring 2014 during the Ukrainian crisis, the European Union and the US imposed sanctions on SGM, including asset freezes on Rotenberg.

Alexey Miller, 53, widely regarded as Putin's former right-hand man in external relations at St Petersburg city council, is now chief executive of the oil giant Gazprom.