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11-Dec-2016 15:44

These span a number of functions, including for example Boosted- Servers, Special "Shopping Mall Servers" and a number of other functional hacks.Special care should be taken when doing this sort of cheating because -- shocker!The game features 4 different endings for each love interest, with some dark events/scenes never seen before in a Winterwolves' game. Unlock all the endings of a specific character to discover bonus pin-up images. You will first get the fancy intro that introduces all the girls. Do this wisely because every girl likes other stats and some jobs require some stats above others.The reason for this is that depending upon where you are located in the world - AND where your service provider for the device is located - the act of doing the whole jail-breaking thingy ranges from perfectly legal to a serious data crime (as in felony type crime that can get you thrown in prison or worse).Understand, if you are in some parts of the Middle East hacking your phone can expose you to serious penalties up to and including lashes (being whipped with a rawhide whip or a cane that can and often does cause your skin to be flayed off, lots of bad bleeding, gives you scars, is very painful and potentially fatal, and in some cases may result in the loss of limbs) on the severe side, or decades in prison on the light (as in hardly any punishment at all) side.But be careful: dark and light doesn't mean wrong or right.

You no longer have to fantasize about being a goat, your dreams have finally come true!

She was found and raised by Vin, a witch, who decided she should become an alchemist.

When Amber turned sixteen, Vin sent her to Icesilia as apprentice to the legendary mage Haros.

In the big town of Icesilia, she'll train and once she reachs adult age, become a master alchemist running her own shop, and along the way also meet interesting characters who might become something more than just friends: The game plays like an hybrid between a dating sim and a simulation game.

Each choice will change Amber's (and her friends/love interests) alignment: there's Dark and Light.

: Free Play does NOT in any way, shape, or form endorse or recommend using Cheats of any sort or type in your game for a number of reasons, and not the least of these being: 1.