Get bored easily dating

30-Oct-2016 23:02

On the other hand, she had a variety of long term relationships with men who she referred to as her closest friends.

She told me that these men have been there for her for many years and were all extremely supportive and solid in her life.

” “I guess that really does take courage, now doesn’t it?

” To stretch beyond our comfort zone and consciously choose love over drama, knowing that we may find it dull or boring (at times) is certainly something to consider.

When I asked her why she had never dated him, she said that he was not her type. Very often, the people we most attract and are attracted to are the ones that provide us the most drama.

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It is for each of us to decide when and if, the risk is worth taking for the sake of love.

She’s a beautiful young woman who has had a variety of passionate relationships which, for some reason never “work out”.

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