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Davis '^^j^Ayi^^i^^^^f M^ Wil Harii G«orge Davis /by. He wrote and spoke much as Alice Davis Crane did in telling her story. Rarely did I substitute or make a grammatical change.There were a few other discrepancies, but these differences are of minor consequence.He, like most diarists, was concise and to the point in his explanations — sometimes giving the feeling that he wished he could say more but dared not, knowing that others would be reading them. Read his account of Peeping Tom He gave little detail, but enough when telling of the abject poverty of the people. • • • ' t M Appendix C Resolutions of Respect for Esther Harrison ^ Appendix D Last Will and Testament of William George Davis u-i Appendix E Patriarchal Blessings End Notes Bibliography & Reference Material une Dates Names & Places . Additional Copies of some faint copies of The Mission Diaries and for extensive oral family traditions I p31 W. Oral History I p38 2.2 Hyrum George Davis I p39 2.2.1 Lavon Davis Smithson I p40 Wylene Smithson Slade. Oral Histories I p42 2.3 Mary Eliza (May) Davis Gibson. Oral Histories; use of her copy of The History of Emily Nix Davis, by Henry W. I p63 4.1 Wilford Salsbury Davies I p64 4.1.1 Hyrum Ervin Davis I p65 Wilford Davis. Each must judge him; but for me, he was a man of integrity, perseverance, and dedication to those principles in which he believed. 25 Chapter 6 Two Families, One Roof 33 MISSION DIARIES October— November, 1880 Salt Lake City— Wales— Birmingham 37 December — January 1880-1881 Walking— Visiting — Immigration Fund 49 February— April 1 881 Walking — Observing — General Conditions 61 May— June 1881 Night Time Baptisms— Visits— Economic Conditions 77 July 1881 Industries— Black Country— Other Churches 89 August — October 1881 Tracting — Crop Conditions 1 03 October — January 1881 — 1882 Manmore Green, Bilston Road, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire .113 February— March 1882 Weather— And Always Walking Walking Walking 1 27 April— June 1882 End of Mission— Visits Relatives in Wales for Last Time . ■ - 1D ' Chapters Lehl— The End of a Long Journey from Wales w Chapter 9 Emlry Nix Davis—Survivor, Courageous Wife t» Appendix A Family Records of William George Davis Appendix B The Deseret Alphabet . History of Emma Davis Rollins, and Records I p37 Robert 'Bob" Burnham. Davis, brother and Oral History by Helen Davis Hastings. Author of The History of Emily Nix Davis; the Autobiography of Henry Willard Davis I p47 2.5.1 Betty Davis Hayward. Davis' Autobiography and collateral materials I p48 2.5.1 Val Davis & Nadine (Wife). Oral Histories Ip53 2.8 Wilbert Leo Davis I p54 2.8.1 Wilma Davis Bradshaw. Oral History I p59 2.10 Ethel Burdett Davis Stapley I p60 2.10.1 Phyllis Stapley Mack. Joseph Cadwallader Davies, Brother of William George Davis. I p6 Just what kind of a man was William George Davis?Manorbier, sometimes has shown up as Manobear or Manorbear.In the early part of the Diaries, one "t" was used in the spelling of Sillettoe.

William George Davis & Esther Harrison I p 14 1.1 Joseph Wilford Davis. I pl2 When first deciding to type the Diaries, I thought I would typeset them line for line and word for word using his punctuation and spelling. I P - 1 ,; S * para - 74 ' line 12, spon^ Lte r_ sunyi _ Chapter Vlll' till' para \ 2 *' } ine 4 " i^^an Ume_Fat hex. K P ; 4 , V para ' 43 » Ime 4, runnings drugstore . Their persistence saved his memories and experiences for posterity. I p4 Extensive use of the Histories written by Alice Davis Crane, Joseph Wilford Davis, Esther (Ettie) Davis Huffaker, Henry Willard Davis, and Alma Morgan Davis is acknowledged. I p6 The unfortunate thing is, that once a list is made, new sources of information and new leads for historical research appear as mushrooms after a summer's storm. Michael, Pembrokshire, South Wales, and was baptized into the Mormon church when thirteen. Huber did in bringing to fruition The Autobiography of Alma Morgan Davis. A deep sense of appreciation goes out to those contributors, those with oral accounts and those who sent additional Histories. This is not a genealogical categorization, but only a listing of those people or their direct decendents who contributed either oral or written material, and in some instances, both. I P 9 William George Davis was born November 24th, 1841, in the Parish of St. lum n, line 7, C^ZJi J^irs Ltranscon f Lnental index 3, 1870 left column, line 2, should read Woman £5u f f t age f ~ r Ut ,ih j« sff^s^r'.sfr^-r^^^^ss^:-^^ — Index- 9, right column, under Grave: first line, 1 iv Vbo V placed in lndex-10, right column, under Halladay, should be Holladay Photos- 4, pictures No. The accounts of the Utah period are rich in details of the early struggles. I p7 A special thanks I must give to Betty Davis Hayward for her support and many oral and written contributions even if she does insist that we are decendents and should be proud of some pirate out of our dim past; nor I can not forget the hoped for Davis Reunion that Jack Davis contemplates nor his encourgement. Morgan Davis, preserved and reconstructed histories and photos that were destined for the dustbin after vandals destroyed Aunt Ett's (Ettie 's) home. Notes taken from Interview with Wright Shill, May 30, 1970. The four of them, James Crane, Joseph, William, and Alice Davis hired out for one year in New York.

index P i' fl S a P w7' t tem #6 ' line 4 ' ^ph^Wmiord^Vls was born Index"-? f J column, 3rd line, to_18 5 6,_^.con,pa ri ie S " Inde J-3' l R7n' Tiff* c ? 22, next to last, line, should read ■» KW] es Thomas Epilogue, p. I p3 In 1989, 1 decided to redo the Diaries in a different format and also include as much history as possible relating to Wm. Without their recounting of historical events, much important Davis history would be lost. It is easy to understand why writing something historical is a never ending endeavor. He and his sister Alice Davis Crane came to America in 1857— they having been preceded in 1856 by Joseph Davies, an older brother and James Crane, Alice's fiance.

He loved his relatives; he was proud of his Morgan, Cadwallader, and Davies/Davis heritage.

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