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; Luke , 27 ; 1 Peter ), and, when the fatal time arrived, no one except Noah's immediate family found refuge in the ark.Seven days before the waters began to cover the earth, Noah was commanded to enter the ark with his wife, his three sons and their wives, and to take with him seven pairs of all clean, and two pairs of all unclean animals and birds (7:1-4).Amid the general corruption which resulted from the marriages of "the sons of God " with "the daughters of men" ( Genesis 6:2 sqq.), that is of the Sethites with the Cainite women, "Noah was a just and perfect man in his generations" and "walked with God " (6:9).Smith among the ruins of the library of Assurbanipal in 1872. In the Gilgamesh poem the hero of the story is Ut-napishtim (or Sit-napishti, as some read it, surnamed Atra-hasis "the very clever"; in two of the fragments he is simply styled Atra-hasis, which name is also found in Berosus under the Greek form Xisuthros.The story in brief is as follows: A council of the gods having decreed to destroy men by a flood, the god Ea warns Ut-napishtim, and bids him build a ship in which to save himself and the seed of all kinds of life.

The storm lasts six days; on the seventh the flood begins to subside.

Four cuneiform recensions of it have been discovered, of which, however, three are only short fragments.

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