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08-Feb-2017 05:09

One said: "Has no-one noticed the blackamoor pin that Princess Michael of Kent is wearing? Meghan Markle official meets the family and is greeted by THIS?" Another hit out at her "racist jewellery" while a third added: "I hope the Queen is going to ban this racist, horrible woman from any further gatherings.The Austrian aristocrat caused a backlash by pinning a “blackamoor” piece on her coat.It is the image of a black person wearing a turban dating back to the 18th century and which is widely regarded as racially insensitive.This woman is an embarrassment to the Royal Family." Blackamoor jewellery and art dates back to the 1700s and was extremely popular at the time.

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This question burns through Richard Toye's new history, Churchill's Empire, and is even seeping into the Oval Office.

She strongly denied the claims and said she would be "ready to go back to the colonies" during the desipute with the table.

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