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12-Dec-2016 04:57

When Chloe is first sprayed, it is very strong and sharp. I love it and will always have it in my collection.

This was a blind buy at Costco, and I hated it seconds after spraying on my wrist. I just spritzed it on once and couldn't stand it; although, compared to the Jo Malone fragrances I've been testing, it's refreshing to have some longevity.

I am glad its going out of fashion as I have to leave the person wearing it or get off the bus if someone has this on as it makes me feel nauseated and sick and I find it..

well I don't even know the word it just makes me want to run out of the world. I see that florals are the notes listed but I don't get any at all. It's a mature fragrance but it's gentle enough to wear during the day and at work.

And yes, there's a little something woody in the dry-down, but really, this is first, foremost, and last a beautiful rose. This is one of those perfumes that everyone seems to love and I strongly dislike.

You can smell it on others miles away and it's very distinct and unmistakable.

Maybe it will grow on me and I will love it again but for now I just want to finish the bottle and I won't repurchase it. It’s so feminine, fresh, strong but not overpowering and very classy. Airy, velvety soft rose and juicy sweet lychee fruit.. Chloe is a very well-blended floral that exudes grace, elegance and classiness. Although I'm in no way a snob, I do appreciate that it is not a sweet floral but rather a blend of richness that really settles into my skin.

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When I had first smelled it, I had instantly fallen in love with it. I think you really, really have to love rose to wear this perfume.

I smell the floral bits, slightly, but wow - just powerful, and way too mature, and like burnt pepper. There is nothing powdery to distract from the luscious rose which seems to be the case with many rosy fragrances.