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03-Dec-2016 04:52

For women this could mean viewing their choice of partner as “questionable.” i.e. Of course, these are by no means hard and fast rules, and it’s entirely possible for men and women to interchange these emotions.

For example, I once viewed Emma’s sexual behavior before she met me as promiscuous, but I also questioned her choice of sexual partner during this phase in her life as well.

For men, this often means viewing your partner’s past sex life as “slutty.” i.e.

how many partners they’ve had, what kind of sex they had, etc.

As a general rule, though, if you’re worried by the thought of your partner having multiple sexual encounters in the past, on some level you’re being judgmental about sex.

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Do my conclusions that it’s down to fear and judgment ring true with you?

And if they’re not 100% yours, that means that maybe there’s a chance you are somehow not living up to their expectations and so they could find that missing percentage in someone else.

The confusing nature of dealing with retroactive jealousy is that, in your conscious mind, you don’t actually think your partner will definitely sleep with, or fall in love with someone else, but in your sub conscious mind you probably have a general fear that they could grow dissatisfied with you and so, potentially, it could happen.

Would you still be struggling with overcoming retroactive jealousy in the same way about this past event?

Judgment can play havoc with the day-to-day life of your relationship.

Effective safety plans empower victims and can help them reclaim a sense of safety and security.