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05-Jan-2017 15:27

Choose your preferred language and follow the instructions that appear.

Sony Ericsson phones are becoming more and more popular and you usually see people using them, not only because of their price but also due to the features and optimum performance.

To avoid losing your personal user data, you should always create a backup of your contacts, messages, photos and files before you update the software.

When you connect your phone to the PC, your phone will be visible as a removable drive.

Developers add more things and features to their mobile devices, and now you can update the software of yours thanks to this lite application.

It sounds difficult, but you'll realize it is extremely easy.

Using the FOTA option protects your user data and doesn’t delete any of your text messages, photos, videos or contacts.Before you start the update you need to make sure that your battery is fully charged, and ideally should have backed up your data to your PC using the Sony Ericsson PC Suite just in case something doesn’t go to plan.