Tips for chatting online dating

22-Oct-2016 04:11

One of my current clients met someone on Ok Cupid, and they exchanged numbers.

They sent a few texts back and forth, but then he started blowing up her phone. Biologically speaking, humans are pack animals, and to be accepted into the pack, we must be similar to the others in the pack.

I’m not talking about anonymous trolls — I’m talking about how you represent yourself.

Listen, I have no problem if you want to add 1 inch or subtract five pounds. But, if the profiles I read are any indication, EVERYONE seems to be “a world-class traveler who’s happy chilling at home on a Friday or hitting the town, loves to explore ethnic restaurants, and enjoys outside activities like hiking, kayaking, or biking.” And then when you go on a date, they’d rather Netflix and chill, or they enjoy sleeping in on a Saturday and lounging around eating pizza. It’s just that you don’t want to misrepresent yourself.

Dating is all about forming an emotional bond with someone but you have to be careful not to get too emotionally involved with someone, too quick.

Establish some emotional boundaries and maintain some distance till you are sure the person is someone you would like to invest more time in.

It doesn’t necessarily mean any of these things, but that’s the perception it can give.

While both men and women do this, I find the ladies do it a bit more.

It makes sense as women are usually more communicative than guys. Learn about each other in person instead of scrolling through their posts.

A reputable dating service guarantees you a certain amount of safety and security from scammers and other fraudsters but at the end of the day it all comes down to common sense and the degree of effort you put in into making your online dating experience fun and safe at the same time.

Here are some quick tips – click on the links for more details. If you haven’t tried it, probably many of your friends have.

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