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12-Jan-2017 11:30

Note: Once you update your host file, your local machine will display your new website as though it was live to the world.If you want to change back to see what is actually live, simply remove the entry your are about to make.If you disable the DNS client, you may need to let your firewall software know that individual applications are allowed to do DNS lookups. Microsoft has an article that tells you how to disable DNS caching by the registry.They mention the services control panel as an easier way, but they don't tell beginners how to do it! You need to open up the "Services" configuration window.

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There are other ways to do this, of course (aren't there always? Select "Disabled" from the list of choices for "Startup type".If the "Stop" button isn't grayed out (it's grayed out in this picture), press the "Stop" button to stop the DNS Client service.

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